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At the age of 10, I fell in love with the game of basketball. One day while at the park, I decided to watch a pick up game and noticed a player fall and twist his ankle. Since the team was short one player, they called on me to fill in. I learned so much in that game & had the best time playing, which immediately ignited my passion.


I’m from Rhode Island, which is the smallest state in the United States. Because of that, it’s very family-oriented and it helped shape me into the man I am today. I enjoy getting to know players and their families - it helps me relate and develop individual plans for each player. It doesn’t matter if you are an elite level player, or a kid who’s just picking up a basketball for the first time then having a plan is a must.


When my basketball playing career came to an end, I was stuck for a few months. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to pursue, but I knew I wanted to give back to others. I started to think of my younger-self back in my childhood days to imagine what I would've enjoyed doing the most -- this is were the concept of SBWKTS was born!

It will be a great experience to help you construct a plan of attack in your basketball development. The combination of my passion for the sport of basketball will help us push you in the right direction in becoming advanced basketball player!

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